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A chameleon of sound, The NEW Black Widow Guitar takes versatility and quality to new heights!  Allowing for an endless array of dynamic yet simple, on-the-fly tonal changes, the Black Widow’s phenomenal range of tones and intelligent design is unparalleled by any other guitar ever manufactured. 

The Black Widow is capable of producing the complete spectrum of sounds – from sparkling clean and rangy leads to edgy, overdriven distortion – this guitar will replicate the sound of any electric guitar in history!  A complete collection of top-end guitars is now encapsulated into this one – The Black Widow.

Each step in the process of building the Black Widow is performed with the highest level of craftsmanship – utilizing the specific skills of some of the best boutique builders in America.   The combination of rare tone woods, specially chosen high-end electronics and custom designed and machined hardware give this guitar plenty of punch, endless sustain and incomparable playability. 

Add to all this, our amazing “Unlimited LIFETIME WARRANTY” – an industry first!  Black Widow Guitars will guarantee this guitar’s performance and perfection forever!  Covered are any and all issues that arise that are not the result of abuse or a Peter Townsend impersonation.  All electronics, hardware and other components are covered at no charge ever to the customer – not even shipping!   This can also be easily transferred with registered ownership change confirmation using your guitar's unique chronological serial number. 

Once Bitten™…